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Wedding Requests

Every wedding is unique, which is why I don't have standard rates. I believe in getting to know you and understanding your expectations and desires so that I can provide a customized quote based on your specific needs. However, below you'll find some general information about two packages I offer.


Capture to remember.


The Love Package 

I offer two different packages, with the first package focusing on the getting ready moments, the first look, the ceremony, and the moments immediately afterward.

Of course, I pay attention to all details, but my main focus is to capture your moments with each other and your family as a 'fly on the wall.'


The spontaneous, emotionally charged photos with your mother or brother are the ones you'd prefer to display on your wall rather than a static family portrait, right? That's what matters most to me. Which photos will adorn your walls in the future?

This package includes 6 hours of photography.


The Love to the Fulles Package

With the second package, I cover all the aspects mentioned in the description of the first package, but I have more time to capture those truly special moments that you might overlook on this day.


These are the moments when your parents look at you with pride as your partner places the wedding ring on your finger, or when your niece, who has been eagerly waiting all morning, finally gets to toss flower petals after the 'I do.' These moments are so precious, and I love making sure you won't miss them. These are the moments that energize me, and I'm more than happy to spend the time to capture them!

This package includes 8 hours of photography. 

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