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& Curiosity.


About me

Since I was a teenager, I got great satisfaction from freezing pure and authentic moments. In that way, I’m not capturing by force, but by flow. 


In running my photography business, Connection, Flexibility, and Curiosity are my three key points. I get immense energy from documenting what I see through my lens, whether it's motherhood, a wedding, or simply a portrait. I ensure that you can be your most natural self, allowing us to create something pure and beautiful together.

If these points are just as important to you as they are to me, I certainly hope you will reach out to me. I can't wait to show you your most beautiful reflection as well.


Renée van den Besselaar

Isabelle Siem, Amsterdam

“Renee has a keen eye for detail and the ability to photograph you as you envision yourself. She knows how to create an atmosphere that encourages you to open up, and the result is exactly what you had hoped for! I thoroughly enjoyed the photo shoot, and I eagerly anticipate collaborating with her more frequently. Thank you so much, Renee; once again, thanks to you, I have photos of my art that I will cherish for a lifetime.."
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