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Capture to Remember

I am Renee van den Besselaar, 25 years old and live in Amsterdam. Since I was a teenager, I got great satisfaction from freezing beautiful moments. To me, photography is a way to reflect on the best and most meaningful moments in a lifetime. It could be a portrait of yourself from a few years ago after your graduation or pictures from your wedding where you share love with all your loved ones. Pictures ensure that you do not have to forget those lovely moments and you carry them with you for the rest of your life.


Making memories tangible is my passion. The power behind my pictures is variation. I eager to capture everything that radiates emotion. I will edit a picture depending on the context of the moment, because every moment is different. It depends on the light, atmosphere and emotion whether I will put a more vintage effect over the picture or give it a brighter and modern effect.

Are you interested in a collaboration? Please contact to reach out. I would love to capture your moment! 



Isabelle Siem, Amsterdam

“Renee has a keen eye for detail and the ability to photograph you as you envision yourself. She knows how to create an atmosphere that encourages you to open up, and the result is exactly what you had hoped for! I thoroughly enjoyed the photo shoot, and I eagerly anticipate collaborating with her more frequently. Thank you so much, Renee; once again, thanks to you, I have photos of my art that I will cherish for a lifetime.."
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